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Please note this Franchise is at the Troy, MI location. Aug 17, 2017 I contacted Steve Steele at Two Men and a Truck at the Troy location.

I contracted for a job to be done the next day, Friday Aug 18. Three items were to be picked up at 11895 Wayne Road, Romulus, MI 48174 and delivered to my home in Clarkston, MI. The items consisted of a sofa, love seat and a chair. They all were on pallets crated and wrapped.

The scope of work was to pick up, deliver, uncrated and remove all packing and crating materials. I said all packing must be removed since I had no way of removing it and it is again the subdivision by laws to leave debris on properties. Steve contracted to do the job as outlined above. He said pick up from Romulus would occur 10:00-10:30 and delivery would occur around 12 Noon.

I authorized payment of $525 using my Visa card over the phone for the job. Aug 18, 2017 I received a call about 10 am from Mike stating they were about 20 min away from my home. I was surprised and was not expecting them until around noon; however, I welcomed them and made it work. Mike and Lester arrived to make the delivery.

They had no tools to uncrate items. They required a drill to remove the crate screws, a utility knife to cut straps and cardboard and scissors. I loaned them all of the tools in order to get the job done. They did a good job; however, they were disrupted by several phone calls from Mary Fischer which was time consuming.

They told me they could no longer take any crating/packing material. I said I had contracted for a complete removal as I stated at their time of arrival. The delivery was further delayed by more calls from Mary Fisher. Lester handed me his phone.

Mary Fisher told me they were not going to take the packing material. I told her I already contracted with Steve Steele to have all packing and crating material removed. I had no way of removing it and it was against subdivision by laws to leave debris outside. Mary Fischer was rude.

She interrupted constantly and was argumentative. Mary Fisher refused to transfer me to her supervisor. She refused to speak to Steve to get the facts. After such a rude call, I told Lester and Mike, I would not sign the paperwork.

I got off the phone and was starting to call the police to report the property destruction from the large pile of debris now thrown in my drive. Mary Fisher called Lester again and he gave me the phone. She continued to interrupt me. Finally I said stop interrupting me, this was contracted to be removed.

She said if she was wrong she would remove the additional $35 removal fee she planned to charge to my Visa. Mary Fischer held up the delivery so long our plans for the day were ruined. The drivers could not deliver their next delivery and it had to be handed off to another driver. Aug 19, 2017, I called Steve Steele at the Troy office.

Steve took my job over the phone originally. I told him what happened and how rude Mary Fisher was. I told him she refused to contact him, refused to let me speak with her supervisor and threatened to sue me when I said I would dispute this erroneous charge. I had already paid for the job and this was a breach of contract.

Steve said he would get back to me before the end of his day at 2:00 pm. When he had not called I called him at 1:30 and left a message. I called again a few minutes before 2:00 hoping to catch him and left a second message. Aug 21, 2017, I called the Corporate Office in Lansing and spoke with Kristine Peterson in customer service at 1-800-345-1070.

I explained the situation. Kristen ask for two business days to respond, by Aug 23, Wed afternoon. The resolution I ask for was to remove the erroneous charges of $35 and $.83 and discount the delivery by a couple hundred dollars for such a horrific unnecessary disturbance and breach of contract. My Visa charges 08/18/17 - $525.83 08/19/17 - $35 Aug 21, 2017, Mary Fischer called me and asked if I received her email which I had not received.

She had used the incorrect email address. This is why I did not receive an email pre-confirmation for the delivery. I gave her my correct email. I ask her what the results were.

She said the charges will not be removed from my card. It is not their job to take packing material. I said this is a breach of contract. She hung up on me.

Later I received an email from Mary Kuipers. Apparently the name of Mary Fischer Lester provided was incorrect. Please see copy of email below. _________________________________________________________________ From: Mary Kuipers Sent: Monday, August 21, 2017 10:40 AM To: Cc: Kristine Petersen Subject: Move Follow Up Karen, I do want to apologize that your move did not exceed your expectation, however we felt as a company we have gone above and beyond for you.

The total cost of your move was $525.83 which covered the cost to load, transport, and unload your belongings from Romulus to Clarkston, Michigan. On the day of the move, you asked our company to additionally dispose of your trash after the move was complete. With the last minute changes, I was able to accommodate your request and take your garbage to SOCCRA which is a dumping place that now charges $40 per ton minimum. This last minute request costs our company additional time and money which was not factored into the price of your move.

We did in the name of customer service, however there seems to be a lack of appreciation for the accommodations made. For your future moving needs, please look at other moving services as you have been flagged in our system. At this point, there will no refunds or compensation granted. This should end any further communication from our office as there is nothing further we can do for you.

Best regards, Mary Kuipers Franchise Manager TWO MEN AND A TRUCK 1250 Rankin Dr Ste. D ___________________________________________________________________________ 22 August 2017, 9:10 a.m. I called Two Men and a Truck at the Troy location and spoke with Steve Steele. Steve was the person I contracted on Aug 17, 2017 to pick up my Sofa, love seat and chair from Romulus, deliver to my home, uncrate/unwrap and remove all crating/packing material.

I ask Steve if he remembered the job specifics concerning removing all crating/packing material. Steve said he remembered it including removal of crating/packing material. I told him I had received an email after Mary Kuipers hung up me yesterday. She had the incorrect email address and apparently this was the reason I had not received the email pre-confirmation for the job.

I provided her with the correct email address. She said she was not going to reimburse the $35 removal fee. I said this is a breach of contract and she hung up on me. I read her email to Steve.

It was filled with dishonesty and fabrications. Steve told me he would speak to Mary Kuipers and try to find a resolution.

The Corporate office required two business days to respond, by Aug 23, Wed afternoon. I have not received a response from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Two Men And A Truck Moving Service.

Reason of review: Breach of Contract.

Monetary Loss: $560.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Breach of contract unacceptable behavior of mary kuipers.

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Breach of Contract and overwhelming dishonesty. Why would anyone do business with this useless business.

to Anonymous #1380621

You are absolutely correct. The person, Steve, that took the order for delivery was very polite.

I was shocked when this unprofessional, Mary Kuipers would not honor the contract, held up the delivery and was extremely rude. I was about to call the police for destruction of property when she told the two delivery men to throw all the packing materials and pallet on my driveway.

What a mess! I would never allow this.

Mary Kuipers will run this business into the ground, if she has not already.

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