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We are family of four and happy to move to a new house. However, the moving experience with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Springfield MO franchise is a nightmare.

Time Period 1: Jan 16th to Jan 18th Our moving date is Jan 16th 2018. We only have several big furniture sets: One Ashley king size bed Two twin beds for my girl and boy Ashley 3 pieces sectional sofas One Ashley dinner table set with 6 chairs 3 pieces TV stand sets During this process, all of our furniture got damaged. On Jan 16th, the headboard of my son’s bed was broken during moving with the attention of my eyes. The two workers only held the top of the headboard (I told them please be careful of the big furniture and only held the bottom when they were moving on Jan 16th morning ).

According to my request, they filed the damage report very reluctantly. On Jan 16th, they only admitted my son’s bed was damaged. Before they left, we found out the bottom of our 3-pieces sectional sofas had a 30 inches long scratch. I didn’t mention it.

The two workers either. On Jan 17th, My girl’s bed was falling apart during her sleeping. My girl bumped her headand got scared. I checked the bed and found out more than half the screws and bolts were not on the bed.

There were no screws and bolts attached on the bed frame. And the slats just held on the bed frame. As any responsible man knows, this bed definitely would fall apart. No person would assemble the bed without screws and bolts.

I couldn’t understand how a professional worker would assemble a bed like this. The movers even didn’t mention at all and let our girl sleep on the dangerous bed and got hurt. On the moving day, I only asked the workers put the big furniture in a specified position. All the other stuffs were just random put on the floor and I needed to rearrange them later.

During that process, I figured out that our TV stand got scratch on both top and sides. Our dinner table also got an obvious scratch. We contacted Two Men and A Truck Springfield, MO local claim department (his name is Clint Bergman) and explained those damage issues. So far, we found five damage issues, Clint admitted those damages.

At first, Clint only sent the furniture company (Finishing Touch) to come to our house after he received the damage report. Then we reported the other four damages, Clint said he would contact two workers and ask about all the details during process. Then he would come with Finishing Touch company guys together and take look at the situation. Time Period 2: Jan 19th to Feb 1st Clint and two Finishing Touch company guys came to our house on Jan 19th.

They straight went to our bedroom and stayed in there for a long time. I got confused and pointed to our kids’ rooms several times because that was where the broken beds were. I spent a long time to talk with Clint. That was an unpleasant conversation.

For example: 1. Clint kept saying it was a communication problem regarding my girl’s bed. But, in fact, it was a very serious accident, on purpose. After my girl got hurt and scared, Clint just touched on lightly and used a communication excuse.

We definitely can’t accept this. 2. Finishing Touch guys also shirked responsibilities. The leg of my girl’s bed got a big hole when the slats fell apart.

The Finishing Touch guys said that was the manufactured problem. I asked them how they knew that. They told me they were professional and knew that because of their experience. I told them seriously, I assembled my kids’ bed by myself and I knew there was no hole on the leg.

The Finishing Touch guy closed his mouth and said nothing after hearing that. After a long talk, our family made a great concession. Finally we made an agreement with Clint: 1. We allowed Finishing Touch company to repair the Ashley furniture including dinner table and sofa instead of demanding Ashley company to fix them.

2. Lots of screws and bolts were missing during the movement. Therefore, they used my son’s bed parts to assemble my girl’s bed. My son had to sleep on the floor.

Clint told me Finishing Touch company was very professional. It only took 2 or 3 days to let them fix my son’s bed. And both bed would be fixed just like new. He would make sure we would be happy about the result.

A $150 check would be mailed to us as a compensation for all the issues we talked on Jan 19th. On Jan 19th, we thought all the things had been solved. However, as we realized today, it was not finished. It was just a nightmare beginning.

During that weekend (Jan 20th to Jan 21st ), I got time to clean our master bedroom and found out our most valuable furniture which worth more than $1,000, the Ashley king size bed got damaged too. We finally understood why Clint and Finishing Touch guys stayed in our bedroom for a long time on Jan 19th. They knew that Ashley bed damaged before they came to our house. 1/4 of the headboard finials was completely cut off.

We had to call Clint immediately and let him know the new issue. Clint said he didn’t know this damage. He told us Finishing Touch would send our son's bed back in 2-3 days and contact Ashley furniture to replace a new leg portion and fix our bed just like new. During this period, we have been very proactive to contact Clint.

We tried to keep in touch and hope all the damage issues can be worked out all right. However, progress of events made us very disappointed. That was far away from Clint’s promise and our expectations. We also believed Two men and a truck was a big company and had reputation.

Clint promised us that $150 check would send out on Monday (Jan 22nd). Then he changed his words and said the check printed out on Monday, let the owner signed it and sent out on Tuesday (Jan 23rd). We could receive the check either Thursday (Jan 24th ) or Friday (Jan 25th ). In fact, the whole week past and we didn’t see the check.

Then Clint gave us another reason: he sent the check to the our old address. I am a nice guy. After I pushed Clint, I finally received the check. So I didn’t want to entangled with Clint on this problem.

To be honest, I went to the post office to change the address weeks ago. All the mails that still go to the old address can be sent here successfully, except Clint’s check. The most important thing is, compare to all the other big issues, this check problem is really nothing. Clint told us my son’s bed should be repaired and sent back in 2-3 days.

However, after several 2-3 days, my son’s bed was still somewhere. During those days, the weather of Springfield MO was extremely cold. The temperature was often below 20℉. My son is only 7 years old.

He just slept on the floor with a mattress and a blanket. I never expect Clint care about my son. But Clint is not only a person, he also represents Two men and a truck. He promised me that he would send my son’s bed within 2-3 days.

Clint never told me why the bed still was not sent back, or the exact date that the bed would be sent back. He just keep us waiting, aimless ,regardless of the time. We kept trying to contact Clint. We finally found him at the end of January.

Clint told us he was on a business trip. He didn’t know this. It was Finishing Touch company’s problem. Finishing Touch company didn’t contact him and let him know all these issues.

But it seemed that Clint forgot that he was the person who found Finishing Touch company to repair our furniture and he pretended that he was not in charge. I can’t accept this excuse. I don’t want to satirize anybody. But facts are facts.

Two men and a truck is a professional moving company. However, according to my experience, two men who moved our house, they were definitely not professional at all. On the other hand, Clint who deals with our claim, he is super professional. Clint always says some beautiful words.

However, the things he does are really hard to accept. No matter to me or to my friends, like Tammy, Matt, Clint always says something such as “I care about you and your family”, “I will make the things right”. But all the things were just laying there, without any improvement. Also, as I rearrange other things, I found out more things got damaged.

Those things included humidifier, art work such as paints etc…I don’t want to list them one by one. Time Period 3: Feb 2nd to Feb 11th On Feb 2nd, the Finishing Touch guy finally showed up ( his name is Dominick) and came to our house. He fixed the TV stand and dinner table, which were acceptable. The sofa was not fixed because he forgot to bring the tool.

My son’s bed lost lots of screws and bolts. And even I provided the extra ones we had that were still not enough. Dominick brought different types of screws and bolt which did not match the bed. Dominick contacted Clint and told him the problem.

Clint told him my son’s bed must be assembled on that day and I could talk with him later regarding the screws and bolts. Until that day, my son had been sleeping on the floor for two whole weeks(from Jan 19th Friday to Feb 2nd Friday). I didn’t want my 7 years old son to sleep on the floor anymore. Therefore, I accepted this result and let Dominick assemble my son’s bed with different screws and bolts.

But I seriously talked to them that I need them to replace the right screws and bolts later as they promised. Both Dominick and Clint agreed with that. On Feb 3rd, Clint sent me a text message. He told me he would send people to our house on next Monday, which is Feb 5th., and he would come with them.

Clint didn’t mention what time they would come so I waited them for a whole day on Feb 5th. But nobody showed up. On Feb 6th, Clint sent me another text message, saying Finishing Touch(he even didn’t say he would come anymore)would come on Feb 7th , and he didn’t tell me what was the time they would come here, again. He even didn’t say one word why nobody showed up on Feb 5th.

It seems they are busy and important, and I am a fool and have nothing to do, except stay at home, wait for them. It seems that they are not the persons who are responsible for the damages of the furniture. It seems that I am somebody who bother them and beg for help. Until this point, our Ashley bed was still laying on the floor.

I have been sleeping on the floor since Jan 16th. No one tells me anything about when and how to fix this bed. My son’s bed was not repaired correctly. Our sofa was not repaired at all.

The paints and humidifier I mentioned above were totally forgotten, like the workers never broke them. We spend almost a thousand dollars and this is the result we have. We have to say we are very very dispointed and upset about what we are suffering right now. Our friends and neighbors are all very surprised and disappointed what we have gone through.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK The Movers Who Care, this is what we see on the website. However, this is not the experience we have gone through. As I mentioned above, we only have several furniture and all of them got damaged, major or minor. Our girl is only 8 years old, as professional movers, they surely understand what is going to happen if more than half of the screws and bolts “disappear”.

It is not a mistake, it is definitely an accident. An accident everyone knows it is going to happen. We are nice people and we teach our kids that we should be nice. Several furniture were even not held up but pushed on the ground during the moving.

Our girl squatted down by the TV stand, used her markers, worked on the bottom and sides for those dragging scratches. Our girl told us, she was very upset and tried to make our TV stand as nice as before. We think it will be even better if we just ask friends to move instead of hiring the PROFESSIONAL company. We also very disappointed about their attitude.

They don't find a way to solve the issues, they only find excuses and try to escape from the issues. We moved on Jan 16th, Clint and the furniture people came on Jan 19th. Clint promised us everything should be taken care of. My girl is so scared that she doesn’t go back the “fixed” bed.

By the way, I want to tell, after Clint and Finishing Touch guys “fixed” my girl’s bed on Jan 19th and left, I checked the bed, they still lost two screws . After that, my friends and I called so many times. Clint just disappeared. They are not honest to us at all.

Clint said he asked workers about the damages on Jan 19th. They knew what damages they made during the process. They knew our Ashley king size bed got damaged, but they said nothing on Jan 19th. Otherwise, they should not stay in our bedroom for a longtime since we only report our kid bed damages.

They tried to hide those problems, and wish we never found those damages. Springfield is a small city. People live very closed and talk things between each other. I may understand Clint's standpoint, he doesn’t want to take any responsibility.

However, it is not only him, it is the whole company. Clint thinks he escapes successfully. Actually, the whole company gets bad reputation. Lots of friends and neighbors knew we moved to a new house and asked about our experience.

Everyone can see what happen with their own eyes. The time we write on the letter is Feb 11th. The temperature in Springfield, MO is 18℉. Clint is always applying himself to solve our damage problem.

Can he represent Two Men and A Truck? Two Men and A Truck should send a person who can represent two men and a truck ultimately, seriously solve my problem. We have several reasonable requests: 1. Our Ashley bed is damaged.

It is a valuable piece, and worth more than $1000. We have the right to know and the company has responsibility to tell us what is going on and how this bed damaged. 2. Two men and a truck is a big, professional company.

Therefore, the company should have a professional, responsible attitude. The company makes the damages, then at least the company should repair all the damages. The company should be honst, face to all the damages and problems. Not like we find one damage issue, the company admits one.

We already make a great concession, we agree to let Finishing Touch company to repair our furniture. The repair on our dinner table, TV stand only can be accepted. Our kids’ bed are not repaired as correctly. Our girl’s bed was falling apart during her sleep which was definitely an accident.

Our girl bumped her head and scared. $150 check is so valuable to all of above inconvenience. However, the company still treat us like a fool. They still try to hide that our Ashley king size bed get damaged until we found out by myself.

3. How our Ashley bed can be repaired? I am not only meaning the furniture damage, but also our physical damages. Is there anyone else sleeping on the floor for one month after the moving?

This is really galling and humiliating in Two men and a truck moving history. I kindly think I am the only person that has been treated like this. Or letting people sleep on the floor for one month is a very common situation for Two men and a truck company. The damages during movement can hardly be avoided which I can barely accept.

However, the damage does not admit is also can hardly be avoided? Found the problem and disregard is also can hardly be avoided? Let people sleep on the floor for one month is also can hardly be avoided? 4.

We hope our nightmare can finish as soon as possible. We have been lived like this for one month and that’s enough. We expect our issue can be solved in two weeks. Two men and a truck should give us a reasonable explanation and compensation regarding all the things that happened on the moving date (Jan 16th ) and the days after Jan 16th .

Clint set some traps when we talked. One of them is: Nobody can change the past and you just want me change the past. He said I talked about the damages because I wished nothing happen, it was not pragmatic. He told me bad things happened , the only thing I could do was “accept them”.

They broke my furniture, I should not say anything, or I was the person who wanted him to change the past, I was not pragmatic. Clint’s logic is so STRONG! I told him face to face: I never ask you to change the past, and I am the person who face to the result while you are not. I am always working with Clint, trying to find out how to solve the current problems.

But Clint keeps making new PAST problems at the same time since the first time we met. For example, On Jan 19th, Clint said all the things that happened on Jan 16th were past problems. However, Clint created new problems after Jan 19th and those problems would become the new PAST on Jan 22nd. He is playing on the words game since English is our second language.

How worse he can make the situation, let me sleep on the floor for another one month, two months? We need a person who can really represent Two men and a truck and ultimately, seriously solve this problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Two Men And A Truck Local Moving Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: 1.refund damaged product money. 2. repair products (two kids bed, sofa).

I didn't like: Movers, Damage furniture and stuffs, Poor deliver and claim service.

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Yes, that summary was much easier to read.


Jan 16th: Moving date

Jan 17th: Our girl’s bed fell apart during her sleeping

Jan 19th: Two men and a truck make a promise (Claim department people’s name is Clint) that they would repair our damaged furniture including: Ashley Dinner Table, TV stand, Ashley Sofa, Two kids’ bed. And all of these should be finished in 2-3 days.

Our girl’s bed careless put back together: screws and bolts twist in wrong place, two screws and bolts forgot to put in.

Jan 20th: We found and report a new damage furniture: Ashley King size bed.

Feb 2nd : After we wait two weeks (the promise is only 2-3 days), Two men and a truck sends Finishing Touch furniture to repair our Dinner Table, TV stand, and our son’s bed.

However, they lost lots of screws and bolts on the moving date (Jan 19th), and they just careless use different type and shape screws and bolt to put our son’s bed together. We request the same screws and bolt, they agreed, but never did replace them. Sofa is not repaired. Feb 3rd: Clint sends a message without specify the time, just saying would come on Feb 5th.

We wait the whole day on Feb 5th, nobody shows up. Feb 6th: Clint send another message, saying would come on Feb 7th, no specify the time again.

No word to explain why nobody shows up on Feb 5th. After this day, we have been forgotten.


This needs an index and table of contents if anyone is going to read it.

to ransom #1435327

Thank you.

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