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Used 2 men truck today out of cypress tx was an awful experience, equipment broke an had to get another supervisor was to lazy to bring up new truck until I objected then he did , truck was 2 hours late to start, guys were nice but extremely inexperienced. Overall rate maybe a 1 because the lead man was a nice respectful kid.

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Used Buckhead (Atlanta, GA) location last week. An expensive sound bar never got off the truck. I noticed it was missing within an hour of the move and left a voicemail for the office. They asked the movers and movers said they never saw it so it must be my fault. Two Men and a Truck denied the insurance claim as well saying they cannot it locate it to prove that they lost it and only pay negligence. I guess theft (intentional) is not included.... Read more

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I would give San Diego Two Men and a Truck 0 stars if I could. I have moved 18 times in my life and never have I had such an awful experience. First of all, it took two men 90 minutes to remove a headboard from a frame and load the following: a queen size mattress and box spring (split) and headboard, a sleeper sofa, a tiny filing cabinet, a small glass table, and three 3 boxes and two trash bags with bedding in it. In the process of loading... Read more

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Came to the house late, they were to have three workers, only showed up with two. Had to call someone and wanted to start the move with two workers and reduce the rate by a mere $20, when I refused that got mad. The driver gets out of the truck and told me he doesn't get paid for sitting, I told him it's not my fault your office didn't send another person. They refused to listen to instructions, went into my refrigerator for water without... Read more

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The worst moving experience I could ever imagine. Their movers caused $500 worth of damage to a solid wood dining set, and it's taken them two months to offer compensation. Now they're trying to back out of reimbursing me for 80% of the damages, which amounts to about $380. They don't seem to be smart businesspeople, because they've lost any possible future customer associated with me.

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Two Men And A Truck - SCAM ALERT
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SCAM ALERT - Their drivers can purposefully get stuck in your yard and you are responsible for the time they spend digging and spinning to get out, as well as, the tow bill. Your $540 move can quickly become almost $1000. And beware the time you spend on the telephone with the company disputing their driver's choice of route and the fact that you paid a tow truck or they would still be stuck and on the clock – I was informed by office assistant... Read more

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First of all their company should probably be named "Half a Guy and a Truck". They were not prepared for our move, were not on time, had no customer service and after looking at my items I would've thought that the truck they were on had been in an accident. My items were damaged and there was no explanation for it, no apologies and no one to help the situation. I was told that I had chosen the option to have 60 cents per pound given to me... Read more

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This company scams people. They just did a move and proceeded to wipe out my family members bank account. They kept swiping charges on her debit card, totally $2,300.00 for a move that was from a small 2 bdrm 1 bath home to a 3brm home on Camp Pendleton. We have filed reports with all agencies and will be pursuing this in criminal courts and civil courts. The guy that came out named "Edwardo" berated my pregnant niece and yelled at her and her 2... Read more

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Firstly, the movers were late and later took an hour long break to go find a bathroom (the water was off at our property). We were charged from when they were supposed to get there and for their break. The manager was incredibly disrespectful and condescending in a difficult time of needing to retrieve precious items after a family member passed away. Things weren't idea, and the property was in bad shape, we know, but we didn't need to be made... Read more

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First and foremost, no one likes to move and I am certainly at the head of the list of individuals who support that sentiment. The entire process is cumbersome from start to finish. First, you have to decide where you want to go, pay a deposit, and sign a long-term commitment. Next, you have to decide how the things that you currently own are going to fit into your new home and what needs to be purchased and of course what needs to go away.... Read more

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